Have you ever wondered why you received the talents and gifts you have been given?

We, as entrepreneurs, were born to do. We were created by God with special abilities and characteristics to help in unique ways.

“The Business God Created You To Start” is a guided map to help you rediscover what you were born to do, your talents and gifts, and how you could get closer to Him by doing what He created you for. We have all deviated from the path God has set for us at one time or another,  but there’s always time to redirect our path to align with His

This course will serve as a step-by-step process to discover your talents, your gifts and your passions. You’ll see more clearly the things that could be stopping you from unleashing the potential God gave you.  You will also find tools to stay on God’s track as you navigate the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship.

Course Curriculum

Course materials
View / Download Workbook and E-Book 00:00:00
Week 1 - Confirming Your Calling
Discovering What You Were “Born To Do” 00:00:00
Letting Go of the Past Bad Experiences 00:00:00
Learning the Gifts and Talents God placed in Us 00:00:00
Talents come from our Family, Gifts come from the Spirit of God within Us 00:00:00
Unwrap the Gifts God has for You 00:00:00
Mixing your Talents, Your Gift and Your Passion 00:00:00
Week 2 - Branding Your Story
Unleashing The Power of Your Words in Your Business 00:00:00
Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone 00:00:00
Having Faith to Become a Doer 00:00:00
Laying your Foundation on God’s Promises 00:00:00
Staying True to Your Convictions 00:00:00
Closing the Gap: Showing Faith in Your Vision 00:00:00
Week 3 - Launching Your Passion
Planting Seeds Everyday Increases the Harvest 00:00:00
Learning from Suffering and Discovering Our Identity 00:00:00
Asking God to Send You Clients: The Key Issue of Confirming Products and Services 00:00:00
Giving your Product or Service a Spiritual Nature 00:00:00
Building Your Identity Through God’s Greater Plan 00:00:00
Using Wix to Easily Create a Great Website for Your Business 00:00:00
Week 4 - Telling the Whole World
Calling on Your Top 100 Friends & Family 00:00:00
Following Christ Path to Become an Authority 00:00:00
Breaking Your Limits by Thinking Big 00:00:00
Reaching the True Definition of Success 00:00:00
Recognizing the Great Value in Ourselves to Thrive 00:00:00
Following God’s Will in Our Business Lives 00:00:00
Community discussion
Member Discussion – The Business God Created You to Start 00:00:00

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