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Do you struggle with lies of fear or worry when it comes to launching your business idea. These are often due to the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy the entrepreneurial calling over your life.

Entrepreneurs are the biggest donors to churches. We innovate, we consult, we make the world a better place with products and services that bring a piece of heaven to earth.

As Christian business owners, most of us know what our calling is, but knowing is half the battle. The other half is bringing it to life. Finding our calling isn’t complicated. But learning the various factors resisting you from actually driving into that calling is where the rubber meets the road.

Do you struggle to launch your idea?

The forces that oppose God’s ways hold great power in the business world. In The 7 Calling Killers, you learn what the Bible says about the enemy’s plans to thwart your calling in business and how to ask God to help you overcome the things holding you back. Let God lead you to defeat the enemy and experience business, God’s way!

To launch a business with God is to walk into a spiritual war. God’s calling for your entrepreneurial venture goes against the devil’s plans for this world. Thankfully, knowing the enemy’s tricks is the best way to defeat him and move into your calling. This study arms you with the tools to defeat the enemy so you can bring your business vision to life.

Specifically created for Christian entrepreneurs, these powerful teachings you will uncover a deeper understanding of your calling and outlines a strategy to outsmart and defeat the enemy and thwart his plan to destroy your entrepreneurial spirit.

All of us Christian business owners have the authority to defeat the devil, we’re just not aware of the places in our business plans he’s lurking in.

Jesus defeated the enemy for good by dying on the cross and being raised from death. Because of His sacrifice, we have the power to overcome the devil resisting us from the MORE that God has had in store for us since before we were born. But in order to arm ourselves correctly for this battle, we need to take an in-depth look at what calling means and the various ways the enemy wants to take it down.

This business bible study will help you uncover the things holding you back from launching, so you can fulfill your God-given entrepreneurial calling and lead a business without limitations.


This 7-day business Bible study will help entrepreneurs to learn how to gain the wisdom necessary to resist the devil’s tricks, in order to overcome the enemy and experience true victory through the bringing to life of the very business God created us to start.

Join Alex Miranda as we learn the lies the devil tells, and how we can launch the business God created us to start.


These lessons will help you overcome

  • Feeling Un-Called
  • Feeling Spiritually Depleted
  • Feeling Un-Qualified
  • Feeling Comfortable
  • Feeling Broke
  • Feeling Alone
  • Feeling Defeated

Course Curriculum

View / Download Workbook The 7 Calling Killers 00:00:00
Feeling Un-Called 00:00:00
Feeling Spiritually Depleted 00:00:00
Feeling Un-Qualified 00:00:00
Feeling Comfortable 00:00:00
Feeling Broke 00:00:00
Feeling Alone 00:00:00
Feeling Defeated 00:00:00
Conclusion – The 7 Calling Killers 00:00:00
Community Discussion
Member Discussion – The 7 Calling Killers 00:00:00
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