We’ve all have felt, at sometime or another, that maybe we are not moving in the “right” direction or  that we’ve were born for something but we don’t quite know what it is. What if there’s a way to understand what you were born to do?

“Stepping into What You Were Born to Do” is about getting out of your comfort zone, having faith in order to take risk and surrounding yourself with promises both from God and others. We need to understand that we were knitted by God to be part of His greater vision. We have a role to play.

This can happen in three steps.  

1. You need to learn to “get out of your head” in order to hear God’s calling.  

2. You need to build up enough faith in order to take the risk to make your vision come true.  

3. You need to surround yourself with the promises from God to keep you safe and secure in this unpredictable market.  

Through these three steps you will be able to accomplish what God has planned for you and succeeding in the marketplace!

“Stepping into What You Were Born to Do” leads you through the great power of setting your vision and business according to God’s calling. When you know what role God wants you to play in His greater vision, then you can work towards fulfilling that role and be successful on the way.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Course materials
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Step 2 – Having Faith to Become a Doer Unlimited
Step 3 – Laying your Foundation on God’s Promises Unlimited
Section 3: Community Discussion
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