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Ever Had A Million Dollar Idea… But It Never “Panned Out”?

Or Just Can’t Seem To Put All The Right Pieces Together?

You’re stuck.

You’re being held hostage by the enemy… that disguises itself as

  • Small-minded thinking
  • Resistance to your calling
  • Shut doors
  • Haters
  • Discontentment
  • and lack of vision…

And this is where most Godpreneurial dreams die… somewhere between the idea and action to make it happen.  The enemy doesn’t want you doing what you were born to do!

In this course, you will receive the training you need to have a successful business launch and know once and for all that FINALLY, MY BUSINESS IDEA IS LAUNCHED!!!!

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Workbook
View / Download Workbook 00:00:00
Section 2: Video Lessons
Think Big 00:00:00
Fight The Resistance 00:00:00
Close Door, Open Door 00:00:00
Dealing With Haters 00:00:00
Celebrate Wins 00:00:00
Born To Do 00:00:00
Section 3: Community Discussion
Member Discussions – Reviving Your Business Dreams, God’s Way 00:00:00
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