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In situations like businesses where there’s a lot at stake and there are mouths to feed, the pressure and the fear make conflict unavoidable. Sometimes we want to control everything, sometimes we just don’t want to apologize. This creates scars in your business partnership that can lead to dissolution.

“Good Fighting in Business Partnership” is not a guide to avoid conflict at all, but how to handle it well according to God’s advice. Sometimes, we can’t control fights from happening, but we can manage our emotions. We can’t manage our partner’s emotions but we can lead the situation to a healing conclusion that makes the makes the partnership stronger.  Join us and discover the power of Good Fighting in Business Partnerships!

[What’s in it for me?]

The way we fight in business partnerships can determinate the flourishing of the partnership or its doom. How we understand arguments, recognize your partner’s feelings and put the blame can totally change the outcome of a fight.

I’ve discovered that God has taught us how to fight properly in order to transform an argument into a great learning experience, to strengthen your business partnership and solidify your bond both with your partner and with God.

Understanding some sources of conflict, working to fight first “the man in the mirror” in order to improve ourselves, how to comprehend your partner to reach a solution are just some of the things you’ll learn in Good Fighting in Business Partnership. God through His words and example has shown us the way we can turn conflicts into experience. We want to show you some tips to make you turn arguments into growing opportunities!


Collaborating with our partners is key to reach success in business. We can’t avoid sometimes that pride, fear or just different opinions lead us to disagreements or conflict. What we can do is to handle that conflict in such a way that, according to God’s teachings, we turn a “crazy cycle” of conflict into a whole growing experience and a way to strengthen the business partnership.

God wants us to collaborate and flourish. He wants us to succeed and accomplish our part into His greater plan. But in order to do that, we need to learn how to make Good Fighting in Business Partnerships.


These lessons will show you:

  • How to fight with controlling behavior
  • The problems of “fighting for fairness”
  • Eye for an eye is not the solution
  • How to start with the man in the mirror
  • To be the first to look for peace
  • Understanding your partner to reach a solution
  • That’s about how you finish, not how you start

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Course materials
View / Download Workbook and E-Book 00:00:00
Section 2: Video lessons
Transforming your business relations into open and brotherly love 00:00:00
Expressing God’s grace to avoid the “Eye for an Eye” behavior 00:00:00
Changing the way you fight to heal with your words 00:00:00
Mastering the Art of Taking Blame 00:00:00
Avoiding the “Crazy Cycle”: being the first to offer peace 00:00:00
Understanding your partner to be compassionate 00:00:00
Working through conflict until the pain goes away 00:00:00
Section 3: Community Discussion
Member Discussion – Good Fighting in Business Partnerships 00:00:00
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