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[What’s in it for me?]

Finding meaning and purpose in life is one of the most basic human needs that we all desire.  Uncovering why our business exists is the most fundamental element of perfectly branding business for growth and success.  And now that you’re in a business partnership, God has some fundamental lessons he wants you to discover so you can run a purpose-focused partnership.

I think we’ve all read a lot about having a Purpose Driven Life, but few people are teaching on having a purpose-focused business partnership.  One of the most profound revelations we can have in our business partnerships is applying this Purposed-Focused mindset to the relationship.

If we stick to our business partnerships in faith and faithfully follow Him, He will confirm the purpose of our partnerships through His Word, and He’ll affirm His purpose for our coming together through business ownership.


Living out our purposes as individual entrepreneurs are hard enough, let alone combining it with someone else’s. Employees, market struggles, and our everyday demands in and outside the office clarity make the business even more uncertain.

Yet God’s big vision, His single purpose for your business partnership, will be accomplished.


These lessons will show you:

  • Called to Co-Create
  • The 3 Purposes God Intended for Your Partnership
  • How to have a Purpose-Focused Business Partnership
  • How God Confirms His Purpose Through Our Business Partnerships
  • Fix Your Partnership Differences, Or Else…
  • How to Find Common Ground with Your Business Partner
  • How to Create a Vision for Your Business Partnership

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Course Resources
View / Download Workbook and E-Book 00:00:00
Section 2: Video Lessons
Partnerships have purpose: to co-create 00:00:00
God has three main purposes for each partnership 00:00:00
The outcome of your partnerships begins with your mindset 00:00:00
God will confirm the purpose of your partnership with His word and your circumstances 00:00:00
Celebrate your differences and sharpen each other’s imperfections 00:00:00
To create and grow as partners, we need a common ground 00:00:00
Fuel your joining venture: envision your ideal business partnership 00:00:00
Section 3: Community Discussion
Member Discussions – Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership 00:00:00
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