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About The Experience

Who is this for?

  • An entrepreneur who keeps trying and trying, but isn’t finding success.
  • An entrepreneur who is running a successful business, but isn’t fulfilled by it.

What makes a business idea good? Have you ever thought you had a great idea for a business but didn’t do anything about it, only to find out that, a short while later, someone else did? How do you know if you’ll be able to make the business work?

And lets say you did take the leap of faith, and you turned that idea into a reality.  Now you’re 6 months or 6 years into it, and everything is falling apart, you’re in debt, employees are leaving, and you’re ready to hang up the towel.

Or, your business is stable, and you’re steadily growing, but you still feel the urge that you’re not really in the business you should be in.

Many of us have failed in business because we don’t have a clear vision of our business purpose, the reason we were created to be entrepreneurs.  If you think you want to start your own business, or restart a new entrepreneurial career, you have to first eliminate any doubts you may have about yourself and your abilities, and lay claim to the fact that you were created to own and manage something great.

That means that you have to first identify your own strengths and decide what type of person you are and what kind of business you’re going to be in. Once you have determined that, I believe you’ll be positioned to have a crystal clear vision of your entrepreneurial purpose, and then you’ll be able to create a good — no, make that a great — idea for a business.

In this experience, I’ll lead you on the road of discovery by looking in your own skillset to help determine what type of entrepreneur you are. Then we’ll uncover your past experiences to reveal your business purpose.  Finally, you’ll recover what is rightfully yours, and I’ll help you take the steps you need to identify the type of business you should start. We’re not listing page after page of business ideas, but I do include some good resources that do at the end.

If you’ve never started your own company, but think you have entrepreneurism in your DNA, my hope is that the vision experience really speak to you and confirm that desire.

If you know you’re an entrepreneur, but you’re still working a 9-5 to eventually have your own company, my hope is that the experience give you a vision that transmutes into it’s physical reality through a set of definite, concrete plans.

If you have a company, and are looking to make some breakthroughs in your product or service offerings, or if you have aspirations of moving on to bigger and better ventures, my hope is that we can create a vision of that better future, write out a new purpose statement, set goals to achieve that reality, and point you in the direction of next steps to take.

For some of you, this vision experience is going to have you question all of your previous plans and challenge you to make some tough choices and decisions moving forward of weather or not you’re going to continue pursuing what you’re currently doing.

For others, the vision experience will be confirmation that you’re on the right track laid out for you before you were born.

But everyone will definitely walk away learning a skill set that separates man from every living creature in the world – the ability to envision a future that is different from now and begin to live towards achieving it.  That’s the foundation of progress, man’s distinctive mark alone.

Let’s start with some basic business skills…

Course Curriculum

Introduction (20 Minutes) 00:00:00
Core Values (1D) 00:00:00
2D – Talents 00:00:00
3D – Gifts (10 Minutes) 00:00:00
4D – Connecting your business idea that fits your talents (10 minutes) 00:00:00
List of Different Jobs 00:00:00
List of Different Industries 00:00:00
Past Experiences (45 Minutes – High Intensity) 00:00:00
Entrepreneurial Purpose Statement (25 Minutes – High Intensity) 00:00:00
One Goal (15 Minutes – Medium Intensity) 00:00:00
Five Life Points (10 Minutes – Low Intensity) 00:00:00
What's Next?
What’s Next with Alex Miranda (10 Minutes) 00:00:00
Resources (10 Minutes) 00:00:00
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