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We all long to be successful entrepreneurs, but what does it really take to be an extraordinary Godpreneur – a God-honoring business owner? What if there was a model for creating a God-First business, regardless if you’re starting a new business or reinventing your business’s meaning purpose and purpose.  

Becoming a Godpreneur is about cultivating a business of ever-increasing influence because God can use your business to be a light in the marketplace.  But this requires our whole new self and business – you’ll need to re-think culture, brand, people, and clients.

If you could gain a greater understanding of running and leading a God-first business, and know that authentically leading in this new mindset would guarantee your success, would becoming a Godpreneur be worth it?

Becoming a Godpreneur leads you through a study of the transforming power of putting God first in your business. When you know how God wants to be involved in your industry – real estate, medical, financial….almost every industry – then you can know what significance your business plays in the overall plan of the world. When you become a Godpreneur, you know what you were called to do.


Being a Godpreneur isn’t the same as being a Christian that owns a business. Godpreneurs take action for God. Godpreneurs build godly character into their culture and brand. Godpreneurs are in a a constant and authentic exchange with a real and present God in their business. This can be more easily said than done, but do it we must.

Join us on a this pilgrimage as we learn how to put God first to impact not only our current business, but future generations to come.

These lessons will show you:

  • Called to Co-Create
  • The 3 Purposes God Intended for Your Partnership
  • How to have a Purpose-Focused Business Partnership
  • How God Confirms His Purpose Through Our Business Partnerships
  • Fix Your Partnership Differences, Or Else…
  • How to Find Common Ground with Your Business Partner
  • How to Create a Vision for Your Business Partnership

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Workbook
View / Download Workbook and E-Book 00:00:00
Section 2: Text Lessons
Finding Your Full Identity in God 00:00:00
Seeking the Approval of God Alone 00:00:00
Our Business Identity is Defined by God 00:00:00
Surround Yourself With Supporters 00:00:00
Staying Connected to God’s Vision 00:00:00
Fitting Your Business Into God’s Vision for the World 00:00:00
Be a Light in the Marketplace 00:00:00
Business Blessings Come from Obedience 00:00:00
The Significance of Your Business 00:00:00
Section 3: Community Discussion
Member Discussion – Becoming a Godpreneur 00:00:00

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