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As entrepreneurs, we often hear lies in our head that we’re not good enough to own this business, smart enough to sell that product, rich enough to launch… just not enough, period!

In this course, I show you 8 lies that keep Godpreneurs bogged down in feelings of inadequacy, insecurities of owning a business, and 8 truths to combat those lies.

Silencing the lies can only happening by shouting the truth – that you serve a God that says you’re enough, you’re incredible, you were uniquely fashioned, and the marketplace needs you!

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Text Lessons
Lie 1 – God and Business Don’t Mix 00:00:00
Lie 2 – God’s Not in My Industry 00:00:00
Lie 3 – My Business Completes Me 00:00:00
Lie 4 – I Can Do This Alone 00:00:00
Lie 5 – I’ll Succeed Once I Get Married (or Divorced) 00:00:00
Lie 6 – My Kids Make Business Better 00:00:00
Lie 7 – It’s Hopeless 00:00:00
Lie 8 – Going Back to a 9-5 Will Fulfill Me 00:00:00
Section 2: Additional Resources
8 Truths to Battle Those Lies 00:00:00
Section 3: Community Discussion
Member Discussions – 8 Lies of Entrepreneurship 00:00:00
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